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  • Reliable identification and traceability of blood bags. The blood donation number, product code and all-important patient information are automatically recorded in the RFID chip’s memory.

  • Patient safety. Digital management of the transfusion chain eliminates retranscription errors and guarantees delivery of the right product to the right patient.

  • Savings on a rare resource. Complete information on a blood bag’s identity and temperature allows better use of a rare resource. Remaining unused blood bags no longer need to be thrown away, as the chips accurately indicate their status.

  • Optimal operational efficiency. By providing information on remote stocks and real-time visibility in the supply chain, our solution supports streamlined distribution and a reduction in costs.

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Your advantage: Instant return on investment

An all-inclusive solution with no initial investment:

  • No equipment costs

  • No service costs

  • No licence fees

  • You only pay for the number of consumed RFID tags.

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Perfect blood traceability and complete transparency from blood donor to recipient.

In order to meet the specific management and traceability needs of the blood transfusion process, B Medical Systems has developed the 2BH-RFID solution allowing optimized tracking of blood bag information via Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) technology.

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A clear flawless process:

  1. An RFID chip is fixed on to each blood bag as part of the identification process during the preparation stage.

  2. When an order comes in from a healthcare establishment, the distribution operator selects the bags and encodes each bag’s RFID chip with its destination.

  3. The blood donation number and product code registered to the chip are read automatically, which allows the central information system to be interrogated and to record specific data on each blood bag, the deadline for its return to the blood establishment, destination and patient information.

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